Francis Aimable
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Cabinetmaker - Wood Sculptor

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         Located deep in the Norman countryside , this two-generation cabinet-crafting atelier was founded by my father, Edgard Aimable. In 1974, I took charge of the family business But only after obtaining a solid training in furniture crafting and design. Equipped with a diploma in woodcrafting and chair carpentry, having studied at the Caen School of Fine Arts (Beaux-Arts de Caen),followed by an internship at the Boulle school (Ecole Boulle), plus receiving diplomas from. UNIFA (Union Nationale des Industries de L'Ameublement), I was ready to enter -and win the contest for the Best Worker in France in 1979.

    Epoch Style Chairs and Beds    

         Little unity, an employee working in tradition, old hot glue for restoration of quality, compliance with standards and scents, as well as blends.

         I offer on this website some examples of my achievements. This furniture is unique because handmade, in all style present here, Work is neat and authentic.

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